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Senior Housing

Dear Friends,

Have you ever noticed that when the media covers real estate, the focus seems very slanted toward first-time home buyers and to some extent, “move-up” buyers? Very rarely are the needs of last-time home sellers ever addressed.

That’s very surprising given demographic trends in our country. Statistics indicate that aging seniors are projected to move out of 11.3 million housing units between 2010 and 2020. In the next decade, that number is projected to jump to 15 million.

Chances are, you, your parents or someone whom you care about a great deal will be among these millions, and I trust that you will want to seek out the best educated, most caring, and most connected real estate and senior housing professional in your market to help navigate the entire transition process.

I’ve always been very passionate about serving seniors and I have first-hand experience of the complexities involved in helping senior clients downsize and get to where they want to go. That’s why I sought out the best training available to real estate professionals committed to helping seniors make the transition from home ownership, based on a thorough understanding of the full range of options available to them.

I am very proud to announce that I have recently completed the classroom requirements to achieve the prestigious Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) designation awarded by the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Although there are some additional steps I must take in order to qualify for the designation, I am confident that with your help I will have those completed in the coming weeks.

CSHPs are held to very high standards of professionalism, service and expertise. In order to fully qualify, I am required to not only be connected to a full network of qualified professionals often called upon in a complex physical moving process, but also have a deep appreciation and understanding of the emotional needs of senior adults and their families during a late in life move as well.

As you probably know, the process of selling a cherished family home and deciding where to live late in life can often span a few years. Wherever you or others you care about may be in that process, it would be my privilege to start the conversation. Feel free to contact me anytime at (904) 945-7777 or gary.harlow@gmail.com.

Best regards,

Gary L. Harlow

Certified Senior Housing Professional and Seniors Real Estate Specialist

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